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Delivering on the Covenant of Mayors: A state of play
Delivering on the Covenant of Mayors: A state of play
22 maart 2013 - 16:41

Progress with Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) implementation, funding, planning and multi-stakeholders cooperation were debated during an event organised in Brussels on 18 March with the objective of sharing the results of three Covenant of Mayors-related projects.

The final success of the efficiency and renewables market “will be determined by actions on the ground and at local level,” said Acting Director of DG Energy Jan Panek participating as keynote speaker in the event.  Commenting on the Covenant of Mayors initiative, Energy Cities’ Executive Director Gérard Magnin said the initiative had made remarkable progress and stressed the importance of delivering on SEAPs ambitions to stimulate the local economy. 

European Commission EACI Director Patrick Lambert opened the meeting welcoming the opportunity to present the results of the three IEE projects.

The first one, ENNEREG, promotes twinning between regions and led to the collection of more than 150 good practice case studies. 

The project CITY SEC is coordinated by regional development and energy agencies which have succeeded in getting 50 municipalities to join the Covenant of Mayors and launch a SEAP process. Evi Tzanakaki from the CRES emphasized the important role of national energy agencies in coordinating SEAP activities.

 Last but not least, the Energy for Mayors project supports the activities of Covenant of Mayors coordinating regions and supporting associations and assists selected municipalities in developing their SEAPs. Some of the projects key resources and communication materials were presented on the occasion of the event, including an introductory video and a toolbox of methodologies on climate and energy. 

Cooperation with local actors was a recurring theme of the event, as highlighted by representatives from the Limburg province and city of Zagreb, who praised the benefits of cooperating with energy suppliers, institutions and citizens. Unsurprisingly, funding also formed a central part of the discussions, especially the MLEI instrument, which is expected to trigger the renovation of 87 public buildings throughout Zabreb, from kindergartens to hospitals. The Province of Limburg also plans to use this instrument and create a climate fund through which citizens can contribute to project financing.

In closing remarks, Adam Szolyak from DG Energy pointed to effective implementation, monitoring and finance as key priority areas for the Covenant of Mayors, which he said had already exceeded all expectations since its launch in 2008. 

Picture: ManagEnergy

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