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Two European Commission pilot projects to transform your region
Two European Commission pilot projects to transform your region's economy and modernise your industries
12 oktober 2017 - 14:57

Regions are invited to apply for two Commission pilot projects. If selected, they can benefit from tailored EU financial and advisory support in transforming their economies and modernising their industries.

The two pilot projects were presented by the Commission in July 2017. They aim to further help Europe's regions invest in their niche areas of competitive strength (the "smart specialisation" process) and generate the innovation, resilience and growth needed to harness globalisation.

The smart specialisation approach was introduced in all regional policy programmes in 2014. It improved the way regions design their innovation strategies, by closely involving local businesses and researchers. The pilot projects are building on this positive experience. Two calls for expression of interest have just been launched:

1) Tailored support for regions facing industrial transition

Some regions have been bearing the costs of globalisation without yet reaping its benefits. They have often suffered substantial job losses and can suffer from a lack of appropriate skills, high labour costs and deindustrialisation. Regions facing these specific challenges can apply to benefit from tailored assistance from Commission experts, additional support from the European observatory for clusters and industrial change, and up to €300,000 from the ERDF to support the early implementation of the regional economic transformation strategies

2) Interregional partnerships to develop competitive European value chains

The aim of this pilot project is to commercialise and scale-up "bankable" interregional projects in priority sectors such as big data, bioeconomy, resource efficiency, connected mobility, health and active ageing or cybersecurity.

5 to 10 selected partnerships will benefit from tailored support by special teams established within the Commission, involving experts from several thematic departments and external experts. A total of €1 million from the ERDF will support the development of these partnerships.

  • Regions can apply until 31 October 2017. More information here.

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