• 14 Sep 2022
    00:15 - 17:00

    Cities in Transition, 3rd season in Grenoble

    Organiser: Signatories

    Since 2017, the City of Grenoble has been involved in a global approach of enhanced cooperation between local governments through La Biennale des villes en transition. These events have allowed to highlight sustainable practices, to bring together different stakeholders of our territories and to reflect on ways of conceiving a sustainably city. Numerous territories and actors from all over the world participated in this dynamic to evolve as a network towards democratic, economic, social and ecological transitions.

    In addition, the City of Grenoble has become the European Green Capital 2022. This title is awarded by the European Commission to reward the numerous initiatives in favour of sustainable transitions on the territory.

    For those reasons, during this year, Grenoble will host the 4 seasons of Cities in Transition. It will consist in four-themed events gathering our partners and the city networks in which Grenoble is involved, as well as pioneer and exemplary territories on the different topics.

    The 3rd Season

    On 14th and 15th September, the City of Grenoble organized the Third season of Cities in Transition: "The New urban proximities". This event will bring together foreign and national delegations to discuss local government initiatives and policies on urban planning in the cities of tomorrow.

    The whole programme will have simultaneous translation France-English and a financial support for people coming from outside Grenoble might be possible.

    You can find the programme here in English and here in French.
    You can find the link for registration here!